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Thursday, September 22, 2005

O happy day

It's autumn ... at last. But more importantly, it's another day alive and well in my own job, my own car, my own home, my own bed. That's more than can be said for most people on the Gulf Coast and our prayers are with them. But perhaps it would do us well to think beyond our borders for just a moment.

Imagine if you had no job of your own, no car — just tin walls for a home and a mat for a bed. And when disaster (natural or man-made) strikes, imagine no friendly state to flee to nor government with an obligation to feed you. That's life for a lot of the world; but not for all, and thank God.

It's strange to remember that even as a newlywed, apartment-dwelling, novice editor, I'm richer than most of the world. I can't eat out every night, but I choose how to spend my grocery budget. I can't wear designer duds, but I own pants, shirts, shoes, socks, bras, jackets ... that's all plural, no less!

Pray always for our country men, and pray always for our fellow man, period.

Read more about the glories of autumn here.

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