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Monday, September 12, 2005

Roberts Hearing as of 10:45 am this morning

Still doing opening statements - so far the following members have spoken:

Spector (Chair)
Leahyy (Vice Chair)

NOTE: I claim no impartiality here, but I'm pretty sure if you read the transcripts of the members' statements you would find I'm not too far off here in my summation . . .

Summary of Republican Statements:
- we hope these hearings don't deteriorate as recent past confirmation hearings have;
- you have the right to your views on various issues
- there is no precedent for nominees revealing how they would rule on various issues that may come before them, so, in short, don't let Ted Kennedy or Joe Biden bully you into answering these bogus questions
- lots of references to the Ginsberg nomination
- various past quotes by Ted Kennedy and or JFK about how nominees don't have to answer questions revealing how they would rule on various issues that come before them . . . .(with a specific reference to the 15 minute confirmation hearing back in 1962 of JFK's nomination to the SC - Byron White).

Summary of Democrat Statements:
- if you are nominated you'll probably roll back the rights of blacks to vote, women to work, old people to have beds to die in, and children to eat . . . .
- we deserve to know what's in your heart and mind (this is almost an exact quote from Herb Kohl) on all the issues of concern
- the federal government doesn't have the right to intrude on personal issues (i.e. Terry Schiavo) - [I just put this last one in because I thought it was, um, well, ironic given Herb Kohl's statement about how we needed to know exactly what was in Robert's heart and mind . . .]
- race, creed, color, race, creed, color, gay rights, race, creed, color . . .

Okay, gotta go Diane Fienstein is talking and I'm pretty sure I'll throw something at the TV so I'm shutting it off . . .

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