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Friday, September 02, 2005

This is What a Day Means

Remember when Andrew Sullivan wrote "This is What a Day Means" after September 11?

A day means getting up and drinking your coffee, commuting to work, feeling safe. After the attacks all of that changed. (We know now only temporarily.) We lost our sense of security and power.

A few days ago, a day meant knowing the frail and dying will be cared for. The poor will be fed. There will never be corpses in the street.

It means filling up at the gas station and only being annoyed by the 30 cent increase.

Two nights ago I pulled into the cheapest gas station in town. There were only two pumps with gas left in them. I wasn't alive very long in the seventies so I don't remember gas rationing. This was a shock. I drove into line as I watched the owner move from pump to pump, monitoring flow, making apologies to customers. He had already posted this sign on my pump.

Now this is what a day means.

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