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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Speak the speech, I pray you

As an artiste, perhaps Snarky will comment on this post via Powerline.

According to the post, another misguided director is "updating" Shakespeare, this time going to the effort of writing an additional scene into Two Gentlemen of Verona to cater to a more sophisticated audience than Shakespeare enjoyed, namely the anti-Bush crowd.

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Blogger Unknown said...

There is nothing quite like a literary hijacking to get my crank on. People who cannot hope to write to the level of the Bard but nonetheless feel justified in appropriating his show and his words to build a platform for their own ideological ranting deserve nothing less than contempt and something a good deal more painful than a simple horsewhipping. More idiotic than overlaying a simple comedy with an anti-war diatribe is the fact that they misunderstoond the significance of Shakespeare's own "Troilus and Cressida," which is a dead on, wonderfully pointed anti-war piece. All our friends in the park would have had to do is put Achilles and Ajax in camos and let the words do the work. But no. Too difficult. Not obvious enough for the stupid plebes.

I definitely need a strong drink and a peer group...

Friday, October 07, 2005


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