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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cold Hard Truths

There are some cold, hard truths in this life. You may love someone who does not return that love. You may work hard your whole life, striving for one glorious moment and never get it. You may pray for God to spare the life of a loved one and God may have other plans.

In this world there is true evil that goes unpunished (though I'm quite certain justice is served in another world). There are men and women with perfect features and perfect bodies who recieve big fat paychecks for being nothing more than the unwitting recipients of those God-given attributes - and you and I are usually not that person. The rich get richer, celebrities get free stuff, the Al Zarqawi's of the world either remain at large or explode themselves instead of facing swift and deserved retribution.

And then there is this cold, hard truth: a broken graham cracker can not be fixed by a mother . . . . no matter how often, how persistently, or how loudly a slightly obsessive two year old may ask for it.

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Blogger Gentleman Farmer said...

BUT: A broken graham cracker can be replaced by a graham cracker that is forma intacta. And mother ought always to have some at hand.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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