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Monday, January 09, 2006

Everything is not in Vain

Though few things reveal this with as much blazing truth as the death of five American missionaries in Ecuador in 1956 and the subsequent conversion to Christianity by their killers.

And not every movie is about the disaster Man has made of his state. Though frequently these are not well made movies, let us hope "The End of the Spear" is an exception. Mom and I saw a preview for it tonight while whittling away our evening laughing with Dennis Miller during the "Critic's Choice Awards." (More on that later.)

It is encouraging when stories like the one mentioned above make it to the big screen. Mom mentioned how, in spite of their claims to the contrary, Hollywood is lacking in cinematic bravery. 1960's sexual repression? Yawn. McCarthyism? No wonder nobody went. But a film that presumes to tell a true story about courageous men who died at the end of the spear because of their faith? Besides two miserable attempts to tell the Joan of Arc story, it's been a long time since we've seen this.

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