Same job, different uniform.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

This is What a Day Means, continued

As a follow up to Jeb2's comment that maybe the rising gas prices will compel us to lead a somewhat simpler life: I know I've already begun eyeing my bike as an alternative means of getting around for small errands. Maybe it's time to purchase a scooter. I'm thinking twice about where I'm going and when. It's dawning on me that I will have to become more organized so I don't make two trips where one would have sufficed.

Become more organized. It is like trying to will my hair purple.

That said, I have been working on my late-arrival problem. So if I can make miniscule improvements there, becoming more organized may not be a lost cause.

The bottom line is, gas prices will affect the American lifestyle. What are we going to do with the change?

Undoubtedly our Scottish friends could teach us a thing or two about coping with the high price of petrol. They do seem to enjoy their lives a bit more than most Americans...

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