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Friday, September 23, 2005

Why I heart TV, too: Part I

I've realized that I have a profound contribution that I make to this blog: raving and ranting about TV. I'm not going to deny that I watch a lot of TV. . . probably more than is good for me, but I enjoy it so. I've gone through a lot of losses in the last two years of television viewing. Three of my all-time favorite shows have come and gone (R.I.P. "Friends," "Sex and the City," and "Six Feet Under"), so I've been searching for a few new shows to call my own.

It's not a new show, but the longer I watch it, the more "Gilmore Girls" moves up my list of favorite shows. It unfortunately doesn't get the respect it deserves because it's on the WB. The writing is quick and witty, and the characters are endearing. I'd love to see Lauren Graham win some kind of award for playing Lorelai Gilmore someday.

It's quite possible that "Arrested Development" is not only the funniest show on television right now, but also the funniest show ever. The fact that the dad was in prison the first season for selling his mansions to Iraq when the U.S. had sanctions against them is priceless. What other TV show would think of that?

I look at Steve Carell and I laugh. I will watch anything he's in, and think "The Office" is side splitting, even though I'll always miss him as "Produce Pete" on "The Daily Show."

I didn't watch an episode of "The O.C." until the last two episodes of the first season, and I was hooked enough to netflix the first season on DVD and watch the entire thing within 3 weeks' time last summer. You can't beat the first season, but I'm beginning to wonder if maybe this show peaked in its first 24 episodes. So much drama happened in that first season, that the drama this season feels re-hashed and forced. However, last night's episode was better than the first two this year, so I'll keep watching. Yeah, I'll be honest, I'll probably keep watching even when it's completely unwatchable, because I love Adam Brody. Yes, yes, I do.

There's so much more to write. . .I haven't even discussed new shows this fall (I think I'm gonna like "My Name is Earl"), and I haven't said a word about reality TV . . . so, I know you'll be waiting on pins and needles for my further reviews. Until then . . .

Peace out.

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