Same job, different uniform.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

When Love Comes to Call

I'm sure I was happy when she was born because what four year-old isn't captivated by the idea of a younger sister?

At 13 it wasn't so interesting.

She refused to do my bidding. Who wouldn't want to sing and dance and pull imaginary rabbits out of hats in front of the family? She had a DUTY.

At 23 she seemed unaffected by our rocky adolescent relationship. In place of the shy, cherubim-faced little sister whose personality was so maddeningly contrary to my own, a compassionate, intelligent cherubim-faced woman suddenly appeared to nod her head knowingly, argue persuasively and love me unconditionally.

Once I thought I couldn't live with her. It is hard to imagine my life without her.

Happy Birthday, Ms., er, Mrs. Lane. JTTW.

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