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Friday, March 10, 2006

If Only Students Who Believe in Intelligent Design Were as Stupid as Everyone Thinks would really simplify the debate!

Apparently England is introducing new curriculum that teaches "Creationism" alongside Darwinism as a theory in biology classes.

According to the UK Guardian, "The schools standards minister, Jacqui Smith, said in a parliamentary answer that pupils were encouraged to explore different views, theories and beliefs in many different subjects, including science.

"'Creationism is one of many differing beliefs which pupils might discuss and consider, perhaps when they learn about another aspect of science: 'ways in which scientific work may be affected by the contexts in which it takes place... and how these contexts may affect whether or not ideas are accepted',' she said."


Ann Althouse writes:

I wonder if in the end the religionists will be happy. The science teachers, most of whom won't like having this imposed on them, will be pressing students to use the tools of science to question the assertions made by religion. Won't this teach them not to believe? Students who hold to the belief in creationism will be shredded in any classroom debate that is framed in scientific terms.

Really? I remember it the other way around. My peers were apathetic, agreeable lemmings. I like to think I could intelligently defend my position that science and faith are not necessarily mutually exclusive. We were well-taught as children that Darwinism was, after all, a theory not a law. On the flip side, I had to accept that I could not "prove" the existence of a Creator. Neither position negated the other and opening the door for honest dialogue is the furthest thing from a step backward.

And it takes that crucial element of faith to believe in the creation of the world by a benevolent Master Designer rather than a chance intergalactic meeting of inorganic materials that exploded to create this.


Those poor shredded English children. In the face of such clear reason they don't stand a chance.

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Blogger Unknown said...

I think it is stunningly important to remember that the Jesuits (and the Catholic Church as a whole) have taken the position that there need be no difficulty with the idea that God created the universe, but chose to do it over millions and billions of years. Faith and science are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they may very well be flip sides of the same coin.

Friday, March 10, 2006


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