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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jonah Goldberg is picking on Al Gore

Normally this is just doing God's work.

But after reading this excerpt from this article, I have to wonder if Mr. Goldberg speaks a foreign language. As any foreign language student will tell you, grammar and pronunciation are two very different things. And in my case, ne'er the twain shall meet.

My Texan sister knows French better than most Frenchies. She has a strong command of the English language, which helps, but she also understands French grammar. She always has.

Her accent is lacking though. Mine is better, but I spent some time in France. (No fair.)

Of course I can't read a lick of French and was lucky to escape high school and college French with Bs & Cs. But while I was in France I relied on French to communicate with Germans, Spaniards and West Londoners. Taking an interest in and pursuing the elusive French accent might be part of the reason for my success, such as it was.

Mr. Gore may tell petty lies, but that doesn't mean he can't pronounce them properly, non?

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