Same job, different uniform.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Primary Follow Up

Word to the wise Democrat: If you're considering a party switch to vote against those you consider more rabidly conservative, think twice. This tactic was unsuccessfully used in the 1998 primary election when one-trick nutcase Jim Pratt garnered 17,926 votes against Congressman Helen Chenoweth.

Not only did it not unseat Chenoweth, it cost Golden Boy and political favorite Wally Hedrick the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Political non-entity Marilyn Howard still reigns.

UPDATE: Red State Rebels is live-blogging from the Dem Headquarters at the Mode Building. "Richard Stallings took the stage a few minutes ago and said that there's word that quite a few Republicans crossed over to vote the Democratic ballot today. The room is filling up!"

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