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Sunday, May 06, 2007

9:38 AM, Sunday, May 6, 2007
My Street

My in-laws are in town visiting. Their car was parked in the street during the storm.

The neighbors come out to talk about the storm and the flooding.

It was the longest storm I've ever been through. Large and slow-moving, it hovered over Aberdeen. There was thunder and lightening for at least five hours. When we went to bed at 12:30 a.m. the sky was still flashing.

Providentially we don't have any water in our house and we didn't lose our electricty. A lot of our neighbors' basements are wet and the guys are down the street using the sump pump to try to clear out some of the water on the street.

Speaking of the street, the word is police are ticketing drivers to discourage traffic. One of the schools is flooded and the main street is apparently under water. There is a question about whether or not we will be in church today.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Three hours, 3 neighbors, 2 in-laws, 2 sump pumps and 3 shop vacs later we have a moment to breathe. Will there be a second round?

ADDED: Here is an incredible photo of downtown Aberdeen courtesy of the Aberdeen American News. The Prof has a good post here and he and Ken Blanchard have posted additional pictures since then. The Argus Leader has a story on the James River flooding its banks. Apparently we had more rain in one hour than we usually get in a month.

We had to run to the store and took a few pictures along the way. The water has receeded and some areas were dry as a bone. Others were still afloat.

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