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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"As if Thy Blessings had Spare Days"

A few months ago, I was tagged by Hob at White Noise and Ms. Lane at Lois E. Lane for a meme. Or I was memed. Or tag-memed. Or a meme tagged me.

I never responded, but I meant to.

Then, Monday I stumbled across this blog by way of this one (so glad they're blogging again) and the author had a post, "Sweetness is...", where she lists five things she is thankful for. Among them, thumbs.

Boy do I take my thumbs for granted.

It put me in mind that it is time to write down some of the things I have been thanking God for as well as those things that I only sometimes remember I am thankful for. And let this be my reply to my taggers.

1. Gardens. They were God's idea, it occured to me while I pulled the weeds and picked the squash. Magical, clever little things full of the stuff we dust off our feet, sucking in the sunlight and air and water and nutrients and giving life to dead things.

2. Husbands. Magnificent in shorts, cap and batting gloves. And day after day they carry on, taking their responsibility as provider so seriously, carrying that burden with such thoughtful care. And hugging you. Always hugging you though it must get tiresome after the fiftieth time. Handy little buggers, too.

3. Chicken. Without it, I would starve.

4. Private bathrooms. I've relieved myself (oh! I'm so sorry!) in pretty strange places. Like France. You take a door, a seat, and a roll of toilet paper for granted until you don't have them.

5. Handwritten things. My grandma writes a note on the inside cover of every book she gives. My mom dashes off little notes when she sends care packages. My sister in law mails something handwritten for every occasion. "Happy Fall" comes to mind. Her son's handwriting is remarkably indiscernible. Another sister painstakingly thanks me for every gift, every year, no exceptions. I save them all.


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Blogger Lois E. Lane said...

Don't think I mentioned how much I LOVE this post. It's going on my hope chest for sure!

Monday, August 06, 2007


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