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Thursday, June 28, 2007

girlfriday abroad: the people

Martin and Lorna in the doorway of the Manse

Lorna the Magnificent


Morag, Annie's sister, and me in her home outside Glasgow

Lewis and Jonny

Lewis and Me

The Professor and Alistair hill-walking in the Highlands

Ann and me in the kitchen

Mark and Gayle in the Manse kitchen

Sweet-natured Hannah

The Remarkable Rachel

Gayle, Hannah and me in a rainy seaside town

You might recognize this guy

Gus, Bill, Stewart, Nita and Me
Bridgit and me in the Towner of London

Below: The guy who looks like David Bamber, the actor who played Mr. Collins in Pride & Prejudice. Don't say he doesn't.

My enchanting and glamorous cousin Bridgit

Her fun-loving Significant Other Rhys

Jon and Rhys Bill and Jon in the Morgan

Lovable, Hospitable Ann

A glamour shot of Nita

The Face of a Woman with a sweet disposition

Matt and Mel on the Capitol Mall

Eli and Julia

The Indefatigable Melanie Julia and Admirer

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Blogger Everyday Anne said...

Great photots! Memories are good. Making memories better!

Friday, June 29, 2007


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