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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I Want to Live in a Chocolate City

It didn't make sense when my mom asked the four year-old me what I was thinking about. It doesn't make sense now. That's the point.

There is a long string of things I'd like to blog about, but I can't seem to gather them into a tidy mental place suitable for posting. Or they're lost as soon as they materialize. Or I tire at the thought of more time at the computer.

Stamps! Stamps! I collect stamps. Does anybody have any clever ideas for displaying them? Something artsy. Something I haven't thought of.

What about postcards? I have postcards from all over the world and I want them OUT, OUT where people can see them. How? Where? Will you do it for me?

Maps! I love maps, and I want them hung, framed, matted, displayed, laminated--SOMETHING. I hate having them gather dust.

How should I dry fresh Italian parsley? It grew like a champ this summer. My salads are Parsley With a Little Lettuce. We've had parsley on our ice cream. Our toilet paper is made of parsley. How do I preserve it for the winter?

We've been watching Doctor Who. Regularly. It's incredible. Do you watch it? Why don't I hear more about it?

A group of my husband's colleagues get together occasionally and choose a dinner theme. At my suggestion, we've selected French food.

Does anybody read this blog anymore? I can't imagine why not, when there are posts like these to amuse you.

I want to live in a chocolate city.

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Blogger Susan a.k.a Lucy said...

I read your blog. No idea's about the Stamps. I have a similar problem with postcard display. If you come up with something clever do let me know. I have in life generally concluded however, that folk will visually "tune out" whatever we place before them if it remains static, ie, if all of your postcards are out and the same, they will ignore them, as will you. So I do suggest a rotation. I've always wanted some kind of nifty frame that opens and closes easily to allow for a change out of postcards, but so far, nothing. Pottery barn (with whom I have a love hate relationship) has or had a nifty tall rotating post card rack in their catelog for not too much money. i've thought of getting one for a corner, and swapping out the cards regularly. I also don't dislike those long plastic display strips available at some photo places, and also the wires with the clips...strung across a wall with changes easy as you please. Perhaps you have inspired me to take the leap and get my cards out. How else can I justify having "accidentally" spent over a hundred dollars on post cards at the louvre? (I got in free cause of a strike but miscalculated the exchange rate in the gift shop...oops?) Thanks for the post. I always find them interesting. "Lucy"

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blogger Lois E. Lane said...

And I want to be a chicken pushing a cup :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blogger JEB said...

On stamps: Ever thought of one of those wooden tray tables like I used to have before it broke - you could glue/decopage (sp?) the stamps onto the top surface of the tray and then get a piece of glass, cut to fit the table perfectly, and cover the stamps with it. I've thought of doing this with my matchbook covers. Something similar could be done with postcards. As for old maps - an idea I have for my mudroom (because we have a bunch of old road maps) is to use them as wallpaper. Unless they are really of value, it seems needlessly expensive to have them framed. ALTHOUGH, I do have a Texas road map that we framed in an inexpensive metal frame. I glued it (use something like scrapbook adhesive so that you don't get Elmer's glue lumps)to a piece of matboard and it actually looks pretty good and was pretty cheap.

As for drying parsley - try this: turn on your oven light; place the parsley on paper towels on your oven racks and leave it overnight. That should do the trick. DON'T turn your oven on - no matter how low it will just bake the parsley - trust me, I've tried it. :}

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blogger Ibid said...

I put stamps on little cards and then use the cards to say clever things on packages that would be otherwise dull.

But this is assuming you don't mind giving them away.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blogger girlfriday said...

I'm late to my own party. Forgive me.

Susan, you're so right. If we leave something up for too long it becomes forgettable. I suppose loads of little postcard-sized frames are in order, and I can rotate them at will. Isn't terrible that I want to boast about where I've been? But buying a postcard wherever I go is a thing with me. Maybe I need to stick to a postcard book that people can flip through.

Mz Lane, there was a chicken and it pushed a cup. I swear.

Jeb, when you get here, can we consult? I don't have a charming mud room like you do, but I wouldn't mind putting them in the basement, garage or storage room (also known as the hunting room, for obvious reasons.) Alas, I don't have an oven light. My parsley still grows!

Hmm, Ibid, I confess I do collect them. Is this also selfish? I just assume my kids will be interested. Or maybe they will be the kind that throw everything older than ten years out. In which case I APPEAL TO ALL OF YOU TO SAVE MY BEAUTIFUL THINGS!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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