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Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's in Molly McGee's Wallet?

Way more than there should be, is the answer to that question


- One raisin
- One Aries horoscope booklet for the months of October/November/December, 2007
- One wallet containing 25 various cards and pieces of paper
- $70 in cash and a $60 babysitting check
- An old to-do list
- iTunes gift card from ACL fest
- Two passes to the Junior League of Austin Christmas Affair
- One Panda Express receipt
- One hair clip
- One hair claw
- One bottle of Purell hand sanitizer
- A keychain that says "BATTLE SHIP" from the car keys of my best friend's late grandfather
- One mechanical pencil
- One Clinique Sweet Honey lipstick
- One e.l.f. lip gloss
- 1/4 of a fun size Milky Way wrapper
- One Sidekick with holder
- Eye glasses cleaning cloth
- Two AA batteries
- One mint wrapper
- 1/2 my weight in coins
- The makings of a kick ass meth lab:
CVS brand Mucinex
Albuterol Inhaler
CVS brand Sudafed
Generic Ibruprofin
Sinus/Allergy pills
Halls cough drop wrapper
A various assortment of tissues
- A set of keys

My purse says, "I'm ill and will pay you in cash for any drugs you can offer to help me."

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Blogger Lois E. Lane said...

Poor lil' Molly McGee :(

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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