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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Case Against Barack Obama

Have you been enjoying the series of thoughtful, informative posts I promised?

I failed dismally. If I had to blame something, it would be the pregnancy. Who wants to blog when you could sleep? Or puke?

Now we are fewer than 48 hours from knowing who our next president will be.

Maybe I assumed that what was wrong with Barack Obama was obvious. Unless you're a hard-core lefty, he doesn't represent you. Start at the top of your list and work your way down. Universal health care. Abortion. Education. The War on Terror. Far from being the peaceful moderate he claims to be, he is an unabashed leftist. Not convinced? Read his platform.

I concede that this campaign season has been a bummer. In spite of the options I'm presented with, I won't be throwing away my vote.

John McCain is not my ideal candidate, but last week I heard the difference between him and Barack Obama summed up pretty nicely: "John McCain wants to change Washington. Barack Obama wants to change America."

I've seen a little bit of the world, and I still like America. I love the Constitution. For all its warts, American is still a brave, wonderful place, and we didn't get here by socializing medicine, redistributing wealth, or kowtowing to tyrants. We got here in spite of an ever-expanding government, Roe vs. Wade, and bad military intelligence.

Now we are poised to elect a man who wants to change America not by improving on what has made her great, but by abandoning those precious, fragile ideals that helped found and sustain her.

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Amen. POPS

Monday, November 03, 2008


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