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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is anyone paying attention yet?

It has to be blindingly obvious to anyone who is paying the least bit of attention to the news these days that the media is still in the tank for the President. Over the course of his still young presidency, he has produced gaffe after gaffe, error after blunder after botch, and still the cheering section praises his calm demeanor and his cool temperament. He is challenged by the Russians and backs down. He is fronted by the Iranians and nothing much happens. AIG executives get bonuses, and he is shocked, shocked that such a thing could occur, even though the bill that authorized it was shoved through at his behest. He considers taxing employee benefits to pay for universal health care and industry (cap and trade) to fund his various green power boondoggles, and is amazed when anyone objects to raising taxes in the midst of an economic deluge.

Contemplating his endless talking down of the economy in the interest of maintaining a crisis to pass his pet projects gives me heartburn. Let me simply point out that the few things necessary to actually clear the economic debris (suspending mark to market accounting, for one, would help immeasurably) left by the housing implosion remain undone in the interest of tightening regulations on the entire economy and finding scapegoats for the ongoing mess.

So why not just say it? As early along as this is, it is absolutely apparent that this Administration is woefully ill-prepared for the job at hand, and has the arrogance and moral certitude of a modestly educated teenage boy. And if the First Lady is to be believed, the boy and his friends are already partying hearty in the family quarters above the shop.

I have already pointed out to anyone who will listen (and a few who manifestly refuse to pay attention) that this current crowd is beginning to remind me eerily of the Carter Administration. The part that scares me the most is this: President Carter is looking much the better executive in comparison.

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Blogger girlfriday said...

I think you are mostly right, but tempering their love affair with Mr. Obama is the dire state of the economy. It's hard to be too enthusastic about anyone right now, especially when all the evidence indicates that, in spite of his pissing and moaning about Bush and his huge deficits, he has no scruples against them himself.

Time will tell how long this love affair will last. The people might speak louder.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anonymous owwlias said...

As we slip rapidly into socialism (hello, Government Motors!), one has to hope somebody will stand up & take notice. It's frightening what he has done in just 2 months.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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