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Monday, December 14, 2009

To Cherish You is to Breathe

I get a lot of advice to "cherish" the time I have with my growing son. They grow so fast! The days do fly! With apologies to the dear people who have offered it, I find the advice grating.

Yes, there are moments of extreme irritation, when World's Cutest Baby becomes, inexplicably, World's Fussiest Baby. Sometimes there are sad moments, when I realize I am never, no, not ever, going to get back the miniature, dependent newborn that catapulted me from just another person to Mother. And it's true that it can be annoying to be depressingly unproductive because you are busy entertaining a kid who mostly just wants you within arm's reach.

But never do I find myself not cherishing the soft, kissable cheek; the dirty, clutched hand; the tender stroke while I nurse; the untiring curiosity; the funny twitch when he's caught headed for the dog's water bowl.

And when I fail to cherish, I remember that I must cherish. The days do fly by! They grow old so fast!

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