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Friday, October 14, 2005

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

Like always.

Stupid header. Live with it.

This week has been a fog. I'm having trouble turning my thoughts into something readable so I'm just going to string together this and that.

If you've been thinking, "I wish I were a single female looking for a meaningful relationship in America today," read this (h/t Lone Prairie). I really hate modernity.

Speaking of women. While we're here battling ourselves and the corrupt politics extracted from bored, gender-bending, broken feminists, African women are fighting for their lives. In Africa rape is a weapon that is frequently wielded to achieve a handful of sinister ends: the spread of HIV, the demoralization and degradation of one ethnic group, death. If you read the post, linger for a moment on the petty comments at the bottom of the article and think of my junior high camp speaker who memorably said that, "Everyone talks about changing the world, but nobody wants to change himself."

If you haven't been to The Hot Zone yet, go once in a while. Kevin Sites is a thoughtful reporter attempting to cover every major conflict in the world in a year. He is running into a lot of Christianity and its variations in the Congo. He quotes an Assembly of God pastor in the region. "'The problem,' he says, 'is...people believe that they can get what they want right away with a spell. With God and prayer -- it takes a lot longer.'" It sounds like people everywhere are trying to accomplish the impossible: feel spirtual without the hassle of holiness.

Bully to Nick Park, award-winning creator of Wallace and Gromit, who, after a fire destroyed the warehouse containing hundreds of valuable props, models and sets from older Wallace and Gromit adventures and Chicken Run, "played down the fire's impact given that Pakistan and India lost thousands of people in an earthquake over the weekend. 'Even though it is a precious and nostalgic collection and valuable to the company, in light of other tragedies, today isn't a big deal,' Park said" via ABC News.

George Bush is getting on my nerves. In addition to being impossible to listen to (we agree on that, VT Mrs)--sending his wife out to peddle the "conservatives are sexist because they don't approve of Harriet Miers " theory is offensive.

I am becoming my father. After I fuel up the car, I jot down my mileage to track miles per gallon. (Getting about 28 miles to the gallon. Yeah buddy.) After an email from a certain Dalry minister, I did the math on the price of gasoline in Scotland, and they're paying close to $6 per gallon. Hard to complain about gas prices anymore, eh.

Why do most of my friends either live in another state or move away? This has got to stop.

Though I was a mediocre master, I miss my dog. And I love you all for patting me on the back.

Especially you, Betty.

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