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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Sound You Hear is the Laughter of Lewis Lovers Everywhere

"However, in the role of Jesus Christ is a lion named Aslan who, no matter how holy he may be, is still a lion, and when he paws an enemy to the ground, he then bites its head off. That's pure big carnivore and a long way from Christ's admonition to turn the other cheek."

UPDATE: More on that sound from Lone Prairie: You continue on, forgetting that all stories are a retelling of one or two basic themes; all stories find their home in the heart that adheres to them, the person who finally understands a truth through eyes that had not seen before. You forget the stories in your own life that made you see something differently even when it had been in front of you, in another form, all along. You forget the parables.

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