Same job, different uniform.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Time, Like A

Today a friend told me he bought a BMW. Nineteen Ninety-Nine. Wow.

Then I thought that 1999 was really seven years ago. Seven years ago. A 1999 isn't a new model anymore. Not exactly old, either. A 1989 is an old model. I think.

To a car dealer, yes.

But not to a turtle.

To a mom, probably not.

What is it like to an astronomer?

Was 17 years ago a lifetime ago to a theologian?

To a 17 year old it is.

To a computer programmer, it is 10 lifetimes ago.

To an Innovator, too. Cassette tapes are relics.

To God?

Is Time linear? Is it more like a plane and less like an hourglass? It is all and none. It is something, but I don't know what. From where I [a girl friday] stand.

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