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Monday, March 20, 2006

Spend a Spring Evening at the Theatre

Boise has a lot to offer the performing arts lover.

A local repertory company that produces excellent work is The New Heritage Theatre Company. One of the residents, Drew Ebersole, offered the single best performance I've seen on an Idaho stage. Hamlet is easy to overplay. Every high school drama student knows this. Only a well-trained actor in the hands of a skilled director can balance the restraint and passion that the role demands.

Last December, a friend and I caught director Sandra Cavanaugh's vision of A Christmas Carol at the Morrison Center. The Ghost of Christmas Present, with his glowing red coat and booming laugh, was bedazzling. Months before that our company attended King Lear.

If you enjoy watching men get their eyes plucked out, Lear is for you.

But never mind. New Heritage is launching its 2006-2007 with Tennessee William's masterpiece The Glass Menagerie, March 30-April 8. This is a big deal because it's in Meridian, their new home.

Psst. I know how to get you a discount if you're interested. Email me.

Otherwise, call (208) 381-0958 for tickets. Or knock at Moonbat Central. The Snark might know something.

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