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Monday, April 03, 2006

"This is not a drill."

Click now to save women's lives.

This is the banner ad that flashed across my screen as I checked my email this afternoon. It is a Planned Parenthood advertisement.

Stand with the States — Help us raise $50,000 this week!

This is the beginning of what extremists hope will be a chain of bans across the country—a direct, open attack on choice.

We have a bold new plan to stop this attack and win elections, with a clear message: Prevention, Not Punishment!

Now if their campaign is aimed at preventing abortions then for the first time I can find some common ground with Planned Parenthood. I suspect this is not the case. Why would we want to prevent choices? This is America, Land of the Free, Home of the Option.

Let us be honest. I will wear the label of extremism (fewer abortions, restrictions on certain kinds of choices) if Planned Parenthood will admit to the opposite extreme of arguing for unlimited choices for women.

In black and white it seems so benign. Unlimited choices; limited consequences. It is so sinister.

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