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Monday, March 27, 2006

All We Are Saying Is,

Everyone talks about changing the world but nobody wants to change himself.

So said a summer camp speaker in my youth, and I've never forgotten it. Hypocrisy is an inescapable fact of the human condition. None of us are consistent in thought or deed. We revel in the hypocrisy of others only to have our own exposed. If you haven't experienced this in a while, visit a college classroom.

Speaking of hypocrites, here's one.

Embedding yourself in war-torn Iraq under the label "peace activist," risking life and limb to make a statement that will ultimately benefit no Iraqi, exposing friends and family to high levels of anxiety, endangering the souls of strangers, and finally refusing to offer the courtesy of a "thank you" is no one's idea of a peacemaker.

He added: "I now need to reflect on my experience - was I foolhardy or rational - and also to enjoy my freedom in peace and quiet."

How noble of him. It reminds me of the bumpersticker "Peace Begins at Home." Someone should tell Mr. Kember.

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Monday, March 27, 2006


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