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Thursday, May 11, 2006

"A litte perspective?" Too bad it's the wrong one.

Red State Rebels feigns moderation with a post about the Patrick Kennedy car crash.

But please, let's have some perspective. One Democratic congressman gets in some hot water. (OK, maybe two, if you count Cynthia McKinney.) Meanwhile, practically every Republican congressman has financial ties to Tom DeLay, and corruption has run rampant through the White House. Reporting on a troubled Kennedy may be sexy, but it won't erase the fact that the Republicans - under the Bush administration - have set new standards for malfeasance and inept, irresponsible government.

(Hunting accidents are big news at Red State Rebels, but reporting on a congressman driving under the influence of prescription medication is an example of the wolves circling.)

As per usual, the argument goes: Yeah, there may have been some indiscretions here and there, but this is nothing compared to Republicans, who are actually Spawn of the Devil. There are some corrupt Republicans, so they're all bad. Unlike the Dems, which make a few embarrassing missteps but are sweetness and light otherwise.

Julie cites financial ties to Tom DeLay. She is referring to the political action committee, ARMPAC, that he co-founded. This means, unequivocally, that every congressman who has accepted a donation from a political action committee, funded by the donations of companies and private donors alike, has "financial ties" to Tom DeLay. And that means they are corrupt, inept and irresponsible.

This is a blogger trying to help win an election for a Democrat in a state dominated by Republicans who elect congressman that accept donations from ARMPAC.

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