Same job, different uniform.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

girlfriday: at the comedy club

Funny is a complicated thing. It is so much temperament, timing and talent.

Vulgarity is not funny. It is just vulgarity. You have to make it funny. (Repetition does not achieve this.)

Insult is not funny. It must be truthful or self-deprecating or it is merely insult. And anyone can insult.

Originality is not a pre-requisite for funny. You may be unoriginal and hilarious if you have mastered delivery and tempered vulgarity and insult. If you are not funny originality is murder on your audience.

Your person occupying the stage of the comedy club does not a comedian make you.

If you are funny we're relieved you posess the magic. Even if your best set is about midgets.

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