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Friday, July 14, 2006

It's incredible how isolated I am from world events. I know something horrible and not altogether unexpected is unfolding between Israel and Lebanon. I don't fully understand it and only know what I read or hear, which has been limited. But thank God Jessica Simpson was one of the featured stories on Yahoo!

Abba Gav is, naturally, posting on the violence with his trademark candor and passion.

I fully expect the trolls to hop on my comment section now and say "you Israelis get so upset about one Israeli civilian, but where is your condemnation of all the civilians killed on the other side?" Read a few of my posts over the last month and you'll see that I do mourn the other side's civilian deaths...But the party responsible, the side violating the Geneva Conventions for the protection of civilians in wartime, is not Israel.

Those who fight camoflauged as civilians and who fire their missiles at our civilians from their own civilian backyards, shooting at soldiers from the middle of crowds of their own children, and then complain when their target fires back, those are the ones responsible.

Not a side to the story you'll hear on the nightly news.

South Dakota Politics is helpful on the topic as well.

God help them.

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