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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Estoy loca

I appreciate the Spanish language for thinking my craziness is in fact fluctuating and not part of my essence. If you're not familiar with the language, it has two forms of the verb "to be": "estar," which describes things that can change from moment to moment (your location, your mood, etc) and "ser," which describes your essence (your nationality, your gender, etc.). This is all very exciting for me as the other language I am currently learning, American Sign Language, has no "to be" verb in its language. Tricky. One would think that if you're crazy that's just part of who you are. But Spanish says no.

Thanks, Spanish.

On a side note, I have apparently inherited my mother's irrational fear of mice. Last night in my sleep I dreamt that I saw a mouse in the pillowcase of the pillow next to me. I immediately leapt from my bed and when I fully came-to I was standing in my kitchen. I spent about a minute debating how I would get the mouse out of my apartment. Then I rememberd that I saw the mouse standing in stalks of grass and I don't actually keep stalks of grass in my pillowcases.

Estoy loca. But maybe I won't always be.

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