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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh my gosh!

Will Elizabeth end up with Mr. Darcy?

What happens to the Family Robinson?

Will Middle Earth survive?

Do the children conquer the White Witch?

I Am Legend is a book, people. If they want to know the ending, they can read the book.

Don't wait for the movie, as the song goes.

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Blogger Julie said...

Ha ha ha. I was thinking that same thing when I read the article about Will Smith "giving away" the ending. However, I'm guessing they trashed the book and are only "basing" it on the novel.

None of the previews were set in:
1. Los Angeles
2. Showed a white, blond man.
3. Set in the residential area.

The book had nothing to do with a military virologist, that's my guess on it.

But yeah.

"Don't give away the ending!"


Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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