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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My greeting from the Earp boy on a phone call to his house last night:

"Your brother is fine, both of your sisters are fine, one sister is pregnant and you just got green glasses."

He really likes to show off that he's figured out how we're all related to each other.

He then told my Mom (his Nana) that it was okay that the animal show wasn't on that they usually watch on PBS on Tuesday nights, because the pictures they were showing of Idaho were some "lovely sites."

Next he thanked me for the card I sent him and that he "really enjoyed it, especially the part about the Grinch." You see, when I was there for Christmas, we thought up this amazing game after watching the original Grinch movie. We pretended like we were Big Grinch and Little Grinch, and we stole everything in his house and threw it up the chimney.

Finally, upon learning that I was at my friend D's house, he requested to talk to her. When she got on the phone and asked what he was doing, he told her he had just watched a "weird show where three men had their shirts off." "Oh really, what show were you watching?" asked D. The four year old replied "According to Jim."

Of course you have to imagine him saying all this in his Brooklyn-esque style of speaking. Man, I love this kid.

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