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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let's Dust Off the Mental Cobwebs

...and see if we can help a reader.

She writes:

Please list some short dumb games that a high school/college youth group would enjoy during stages of a progressive dinner. I can offer some fabulous prizes, at under $4 each. None of them see this blog, so I am hoping to look totally brilliant through your aid.

There is always the classic fallback: adhesive nametags of famous people/characters on everyone's back. They can only try to figure out who they are through yes or no questions. Something pop culture-ish would make it relevant (I think), but especially funny would be names of people the kids know.

Post your ideas!!!! We were teenagers once.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Used this with a mentoring group--ages 18 to 25 with mentors in 30's and up--had fun with it. It's called Three Truths and a Lie, which is exactly what each person writes on a piece of paper about themselves. (I've had three broken bones in one year, I can do a flip, I've never been out of the state, I foiled a robbery--you get the idea.) Each person reads their own, everyone else comes to a concensus as to the lie, but if someone knows (such as a sibling) they recuse themselves.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Blogger girlfriday said...

Great one, Aunt Suzie!! I loved playing that game as a teenager. What we did was put outrageous things we had really done (dyed our pet hamster orange) into a bag. One person was the moderator and drew it out, then she randomly selected three other people who did NOT dye their hamster orange.

Then we all sat on the couch. And one by one we stood up and said with a straight face: "I dyed my hamster orange." Then starting at one end we had to tell the tale of dying our hamster orange. It was awesome!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blogger JEB said...

Wasn't this actually a game show at one time? I like it!

Wish I had some insight, but I'm pretty horrible at remembering games.

Oh, wait - my husband's youth group kids play this game called "Never Have I Ever." One kid sits in the middle of a circle of the other kids and starts off by saying, something he/she has never done. For example: "Never have I ever been to Paris." Everyone who HAS done that thing has to get up and run to get a chair in the circle before it's filled. They will be one chair short because the kid in the middle participates in this scramble. Whoever does not get a chair has to go to the middle and start the process again. It's a fun way to 1) find out where people have traveled or what fun things they've done, and 2) to find out what they want to do because usually the kid in the middle comes up with a "never have I ever" that is something they sort of wish they had or could do.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one--we played it in our singles group the first weekend we dated, so that tells you how old it is--the dictionary game. First person chooses an obscure word from the dictionary, tells everyone the word, all write a definition, including the actual one by the first person. All are turned in to a leader who reads them out loud. Everyone tries to select which is the correct definition--hopefully you can garner the most votes for your phony definition. (I can still remember Uncle Tom's definition for the word "caross"--a romantic embrace--as he sat across the large circle from me. He was hopeless--or as Grandma said the next morning after talking to him on the phone, "Bob, he's smitten!")

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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