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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where did everyone go, and other points of contention...

When last I visited the Good Ship Girlfriday, there were people bustling about on deck, brass was being shined, and the enlisted was busy sucking up to management. Maybe that was just me. I get confused sometimes.

So, anyway, after entirely too long an absence, I wandered back aboard, shamefaced, prepared to take my lashings like a man (ok, fine. I was going to whimper like a scolded Great Dane), only to discover, well, a ghost ship.

I heard the creaking up in the rigging. I heard the tinny sound of girlfriday's radio blaring away in her cabin, tuned to some random 80's rock station. I heard the slopping and sloshing of water in the bilges. And I heard an assortment of birds, gathered in a cluster on the poop deck (yes, I liked writing "poop deck") and talking smack about Keith Olbermann.

But there is no one here. Le sigh.

Without going into a lot of stupid reasons why (ok, it was mostly simple convenience), I had taken to ranting on Facebook when I had something disputatious to say. What I have concluded, however, is that FB really isn't the place for that sort of thing. I discovered this when I found myself annoyed at something someone else had posted...and then wondered who might be annoyed with something that I had posted. So. I have resolved to cease ranting on Facebook and have resumed ranting over at Moonbat Central, my old and sadly neglected blog. I came back aboard here to tell everyone, but there was no one here to tell.

Instead, I spent some time communing with the birds, learned a few new things about Mr. CrazyRants that have to do with his medications and the lack of supervision regarding their consumption, and decided to leave this note, pinned to the wheel.

Oh. And I ate the cheesecake that girlfriday had hidden in the freezer behind the frozen hash browns. Should have taken it with you or hidden it better, 'cause it was GOOD.

So, anyway, if any of you wander on board here, come on by and see me at Moonbatville. I shall endeavor to be both interesting and annoying. You know. As usual.

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Anonymous girlfriday said...

Yeah it's embarrassing. And it's not for lack of content/ideas that the Good Ship Girlfriday has been drifting.

By the way, that cheesecake wasn't mine. But if you touched that chocolate torte, so help me...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogger Snarky said...

What chocolate torte (burp!)? Dunno anything about a chocolate torte (slurp! snuffle!).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Anonymous Julie said...

I had not been aware of Moonbat Central.

Now I am.

Be afraid.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


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