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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Confusion, Dismay and Hypocrisy

This is what Planned Parenthood prefaces its message with to those supporters whose senators voted in favor of the Blunt Amendment.

After weeks of debate and an enormous outcry from Planned Parenthood supporters nationwide, the Senate rejected the Blunt amendment, a measure that would have allowed any employer to deny women who work for them insurance coverage for birth control and other essential health benefits if the employer had a moral or religious objection. The message is clear: birth control is basic health care, and your medical decisions should be between you and your doctor.

No, Planned Parenthood, you DON'T believe medical decisions should be between you and your doctor. You want to include all of us right down to our wallets.

It's not enough that your organization provides birth control virtually free and clear to women who present in your clinic. You're not satisfied that women have almost unlimited access to abortion at any stage of pregnancy if the doctor can argue that the health (including mental health) of the mother is in danger. You want your boss, even if she opposes it to her core, to pay for your birth control.

This is a kind of religious fanaticism, conversion at sword's point.

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Anonymous Joy said...

Yes, yes -- a thousand times, yes!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


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