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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sex Buddies for Dummies

I knew she was getting divorced and we went for drinks so I could hear the tale.

She is a friend whose manner I would describe as thoughtful and sober, whose good opinion I craved.

Mid conversation she unflinchingly remarked that she has a sex buddy. "A sex buddy?" I stammered. "What's a sex buddy?" Somebody you have sex with, she replied with a smile. It's a guy I used to work with. I called him. I know I blushed, and I don't blush at much.

Is this common practice? Did I miss the "Tips for Rational Women to Dispose of their Heart with Reckless Abandon" Memo?

I'm really happy, she gushed.

I have never seen her so impoverished.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Nothing quite like intimacy without having to be intimate. Which leads me to my favorite thing about feminism (in the sense of unintended consequences, anyway): feminism is the greatest thing to happen to unattached guys since beer was first sold in cans. Could there be anything more useful for your average horndog male than females who want sex buddies? How great is that? Next thing you know, women will be buying your Scotch for you and hooking up the NFL total package on their big screen TVs. At that point, all you need is time enough in the day to move from buddy to buddy like a hummingbird running from flower to flower.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blogger Sky said...

You said it. Sex buddies for dummies. Who could be more stupid in this day and age with all the sexually transmitted diseases on the rise then a woman, or man for that matter, that sleeps around? What makes them do it? Intimacy issues? Mental instability? Lack of rational thought affecting the southern areas of their bodies?
But for every "swinger" out there (what else do you call men and women that cheat on themselves by sleeping with the depravation of their minds?) there are twenty single people that can find a million better things to do with their lives then jump in the sack with as many other people as possible. I know, I've met them, I've seen them being made fun of for being virgins at 40 years old. So what? Big deal. They are happy because they are not still searching for themselves. And if they aren't happy they know that having meaningless sex will get them no where at all.
As to the scotch and NFL, I do that for my husband, just like he buys Kahlua and rents the latest Vin Diesel for me. When people think that multiple sex partners is a good thing, they have no idea how amazing and beautiful sex with one person for the rest of their lives is. And they won't unless they stop messing around.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blogger Lois E. Lane said...

In the words of Molly Shannon's stand-up character on "SNL," "Don't even get me started..." This has been a bee in a bonnet for years. I wouldn't call myself a "Sex and the City" fan, but I will say that for as much as they capitalized on free, female sexuality, the show ended with each woman happily in love in a committed relationship.

No matter how much women think they "own their sexuality" while dancing on a bar counter in front of a bunch of men spraying water on them, they can't get away from the cold hard truth: all those men want is sleep with you, not tell you how much they admire your carefree, sexual independence.

The moral of the story is it's OK to look sexy; you shouldn't be afraid to wear that new skirt simply because other men might take notice and start lusting (sometimes they're just gonna do it, even if you're covered from head to toe!). But don't over-do it, because we all know you're matching it with that plunging neckline for the sole purpose of getting men to look at you.

Bottom line: We're all looking for relationships now so give up the ghost.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blogger Ibid said...

Crickey. I had a friend over from France a few weeks ago, and she was telling me about her boy: not really her boy, just someone she's involved with because "c'est bien d'avoir quelqu'un dans son lit." (it's nice to have someone in your bed) They made a pact, apparently, not to fall in love. Only she is. Now what do I do, she says? I can't stop thinking about him!

uhhhh... no way. you must be joking. You haven't succeeded by mere flippancy in jettisoning ten thousand years of biology?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


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