Same job, different uniform.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here's the Deal, Boys

If you are four attorneys, two fathers, six Southerners, one Rhodes Scholarship finalist, an immaculately coiffed Chihuahua owner, two motorcyclists, one Harvard graduate student, five Christians, four Citadel graduates, one hip-hop Emcee, and a long-haired, home-schooled, cat-owning gentleman who very much hopes that you'll take your next vacation to Florida, you do not launch a blog with much fanfare, then, one balmy day in December, stop posting.

One of you appears to be back at it. (Where was Joan Baez when Tookie Williams was on trial for murder?) The rest of you need to follow suit. Give us some of those inflammatory rants!

UPDATE: Back with a vengeance!

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