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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Golden Globe Predictions

Motion Picture, Drama
"Brokeback Mountain"

Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
Walk the Line (I'm actually not sure about this one, but it's too horrible to think about any of the other movies beating it)

Actor, Drama
Philip Seymour Hoffman, "Capote"

Actress, Drama
I have NO idea! The only two who should even be on the list are Maria Bello and Felicity Huffman. I'm going to go ahead and say Huffman, because, like with "Walk the Line" it's too awful to think about Charlize or Gwyneth winning this year.

Actor, M or C
Okay, if Joaquin gets this, then Walk the Line's getting best picture. But I'm not sure he'll get it. The Golden Globes has a history of making some random choices. Hmm. . .I want to send him good vibes, so I'm voting for Joaquin - the power of positive thinking!

Actress, M or C
Reese Witherspoon

Supporting Actor
Well, the Golden Globes have actually nominated Giamatti before, even though he didn't win for Sideways, so they may not feel as compelled to give it to him, and might give it to . . . Matt Dillon, maybe? But I guess I'll put my money on Paul - again, positive thinking, people. . .

Supporting Actress
I guess Michelle Williams

Best Director
The obvious guess is Ang Lee. But I'd love to see Woody Allen finally get his props, and think the might actually be able to pull it off for the Oscars. But I guess I'll still go with Lee for my prediction.

Best Screenplay
I think this will be the one nod "Goodnight and Good Luck" gets. Or maybe Woody Allen? Either way, I don't think it will be "Brokeback."

I don't really care about songs or scores, so I'm not predicting them . . . they'll just hurt my track record

Foreign Language Film
Paradise Now - Palestine

TV Drama
The Golden Globes do like HBO, so it could be Rome, even though it really hasn't gotten a lot of buzz. But I have a feeling I'll be making a trip to the toilet as "Commander in Chief" wins. But I don't really care, because where the hell is "Six Feet Under"???? Are you kidding me!?! The best drama EVER goes off the air in an episode that still haunts me, and it doesn't get one single nod? I should boycott the ceremony just for that.

TV Comedy
Everyone's been bashing "Desperate Housewives" this season, so I don't think it's going to win. "Entourage" might, but I actually think "Everybody Hates Chris" will be the surprise win.

Do I have to vote on mini-series, because I really don't want to. I haven't seen any of them.

Actor, TV Comedy
I'd love to see Steve Carrell win, and I think he might. It's been his year.

Actress, TV Comedy
I actually think having all four of the "Houswives" nominated will split the vote, and Mary Louise Parker will win. If not, then it's Felicity Huffman.

Actor, TV Drama
I don't even care, but I'll say. . . Patrick Dempsey, because the Golden Globes likes honoring comebacks.

Actress, TV Drama
Okay, maybe "Commander" doesn't win best Drama, but I do think Geena Davis will get best actress. And THEN I'll be heading to the toilet. If it's not her, it's Kyra Sedgwick, but I'm still going with Davis.

Supporting Actor, TV
I'd say Jeremy Priven, but he gets a lot of bad press about being a stuck up celebrity, so maybe not. So, let's say Paul Newman for "Empire Falls."

Supporting Actress, TV
Sandra Oh, "Grey's Anatomy."

That's all, folks. . . I'll see you on Tuesday!

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Blogger girlfriday said...

Summary: Paul Giamatti gets the shaft again. George Clooney gets props he doesn't deserve. Joaquin makes up for Giamatti's snub. Doesn't Mary Louise Parker play the same character all the time? Rachel W. gets her props at last in a big upset.

The rest isn't so interesting. Onto the Oscars!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


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