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Friday, February 02, 2007

The First Movie I saw with Olympia Dukakis Was Dad

She was brilliant.

The New Heritage Theatre Company is bringing the Academy Award winning actress to Boise for the world premiere of Fault Line.

Ms. Dukakis is a versatile and powerful screen presence. I grant you, hers is of a more subtle nature than, say, Judi Dench or Helen Mirren. We forget she's acting. She knows how to draw viewers in, to create an atmosphere of trust, to (pardon the crudeness) sell us. And when we're sold, it's such a delicious transaction.

This is Boise's chance to see her onstage, courtesy of New Heritage.

We've enjoyed, among other offerings by New Heritage Theatre, School for Scandal, King Lear and the stellar A Christmas Carol. We know we won't be disappointed by Fault Line. Olympia is just a perk.

Please support Idaho's only year-round resident repertory company and theatrical training conservatory.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt I'll be flying in to see it, but I'm sure she'll be amazing.

Sidebar on the movie "Dad": our own dad (here referred to as "Pops") had us watch this film on at least four or five father's days growing up. Ahh, yes, just the topic you want to think about as your celebrating your own father. But it is a fantastic film. And I'm glad he made us watch it, the message is good, even if it is one of the saddest movies ever. Ever.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


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