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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Book 6: Scoop by Evelyn Waugh

Boot. Ishmaelia. Mistaken identity. Hilarity ensues.
Those are the best words I can dedicate to this book.

"His guests were well chosen, six of the most influential men and women in England; men and women such as only exist in England, who are seldom in the news but who control the strings of the national pulse. On my left was Mrs. Hogbaum the wife of the famous publisher; on the other side was Prudence Blank, who has been described to me as "the Mary Selena Wilmark of Britain"; opposite was John Titmuss whose desk at the News Chronicle holds more secrets than an ambassadors...big business was represented by John Nought, agent of the Credential Assurance Co.... I at once raised the question of the hour. Not one of that brilliant company expressed any opinion. There, in a nutshell, you have England, her greatness -- and her littleness."

"For twenty-three years he had remained celibate and heart-whole; landbound. Now for the first time he was far from shore, submerged among deep waters, below wind and tide, where huge trees raised their spongy flowers and monstrous things without fur or feather, wing or foot, passed silently, in submarine twilight. A lush place."

"William undressed and lay among his heaps of luggage. His anger softened and turned to shame, then to a light melancholy; soon he fell asleep."

Wikipedia entry.
An online book club discussion, with spoilers.

Five stars. Highly enjoyable.

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