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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sex is Not for Dummies, or Something Like That

Two comments posted after my therapeutic regurgitatation of my friend's sex buddy admission nicely dissect the problem with unrepentant casual sex.

Snarky attacks the sex buddy claim from the cultural level: Feminism is a failure if it nourishes a lifestyle that objectifies women. This is not an original claim (though no one can say it quite like the Snark), but it needs to be revived whenever possible. If smart, successful, hitherto rational women like my friend are soliciting sex buddies, then women aren't getting the message.

No man is going to buy the jar if you're giving out the cookies for free.

Sky fiercely defends the position that sex is designed and thus best enjoyed within the happy confines of marriage. If you read her blog you will discover that she is a happily married military wife with two young boys, dirty dishes and a husband who enjoys talking to her; who misses her when he's on duty; who shakes his head in amazement at what one woman can accomplish in a day. We should be chartreuse with envy.

Try to find that kind of satisfaction from a casual sex partner.

Sky is the kind of woman Dianne Feinstein hates and fears: normal, plain spoken and happy. A shameless example of America's middle class.

Aristotle would be proud.

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