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Thursday, June 28, 2007

girlfriday abroad: the people

Martin and Lorna in the doorway of the Manse

Lorna the Magnificent


Morag, Annie's sister, and me in her home outside Glasgow

Lewis and Jonny

Lewis and Me

The Professor and Alistair hill-walking in the Highlands

Ann and me in the kitchen

Mark and Gayle in the Manse kitchen

Sweet-natured Hannah

The Remarkable Rachel

Gayle, Hannah and me in a rainy seaside town

You might recognize this guy

Gus, Bill, Stewart, Nita and Me
Bridgit and me in the Towner of London

Below: The guy who looks like David Bamber, the actor who played Mr. Collins in Pride & Prejudice. Don't say he doesn't.

My enchanting and glamorous cousin Bridgit

Her fun-loving Significant Other Rhys

Jon and Rhys Bill and Jon in the Morgan

Lovable, Hospitable Ann

A glamour shot of Nita

The Face of a Woman with a sweet disposition

Matt and Mel on the Capitol Mall

Eli and Julia

The Indefatigable Melanie Julia and Admirer

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girlfriday abroad: the story

The next post is the first in a series of snapshots from our honeymoon.

It may seem unusual to post photographs from your honeymoon, but ours was an usual honeymoon.

In fact, we are an unusual couple.

The honeymoon was carried out in phases. A night in Minnesota. Three nights in the Washington, DC area. London for three nights before leaving for three nights in Rome. Back to London (more accurately, Luton) for two more nights before driving to York. A night in York before we drove to Scotland. And so on.

We spent a lot of time together. But we also spent a lot of time building memories with new and old friends. I've always traveled alone so these memories are significant.

Here we go!

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With Apologies to My LDS Readers

Said by the Professor to Erin's Mom:

"When it comes to works, Mormons make the Catholics look like Calvinists."


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Two men, two nuns, and one confused cop

The last post, "The Lab. In the Drink. With the Chevy," reminded me of a story from my childhood that still makes me laugh every time I picture it.

Wintertime. Upper Marlboro, Maryland. My dad's mother was visiting us and happened to look out the window at our Volvo station wagon on this cold, overcast December day. She noticed an elderly black man sitting in the car. Of course she called to my father, who promptly went outside to check it out, only to find that the man had exited the car, realizing he'd been spotted.

By the time, my dad got outside, the old man was halfway up our street. My dad followed him, around the corner and halfway around the block, where he saw him go up to the front door of another home, knock on the door and enter. I don't know if it was curiosity or concern that prompted my father to follow suit, but he too went up to this neighbor's door, knocked and was admitted.

Once inside, he found the old man seated, enjoying a bowl of hot soup, along with two nuns who were also being hosted. The homeowner, a woman, was serving them and told my dad that the elderly man was homeless. He had been trying to keep warm in our station wagon when my grandmother spotted him.

While my dad was standing in the living room chatting, out walked the woman's husband, a police officer, who worked the night shift and had been napping when he heard a commotion. He was wearing nothing but his underwear, was half asleep and walked out into his living room to find - a very tall stranger (my dad), two nuns and an elderly black man eating soup at his kitchen table.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Lab. In the Drink. With the Chevy.

This fly-under-the-radar story is funny from start to finish. My sister links to it here.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Returning home from a trip abroad is so strange. Especially in the summer. The heat seems to compound the blur you're moving through. And it is so hot here. Anything said after 6:00 PM is generally forgotten.

It is wonderful to be back, in spite of aching backs and sore throats. A small branch the size of an elephant trunk blew from the gnarled tree in our backyard during high winds yesterday. It clipped the rain gutter, but missed the house. A near miss. The theme of the last four weeks.

You'll hear all about it. But don't say I didn't warn you.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

There is No Place

We don't feel like we live anywhere just now. But home beckons.


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weather is Beautiful. Wish You Were Here.

girlfriday is on her honeymoon. At last.

Mz. Lane: You needed a vacation. I'm sorry it wasn't what it should be. I love you.


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