Same job, different uniform.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Write Your Own Caption

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One Man's Junk...

Treasure hunters.

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This is the old freight elevator at the back of the building. Amazingly it still operates and with a thrill, and a little bit of fear, we allowed Jim the kindly proprietor to haul us to the fourth floor.


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Velvet Theatre Seats

There was a time when movie-goers reclined in velvet and carried out their own trash.

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Red Wagons

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Images from a Prairie Rummage Shop

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Friday, April 27, 2007

It can be no mistake that we all describe love as soaring; peace in terms of depth. The experience is different but the understanding finds common ground in the lisping grammar of the human heart.

You think you are so different than me, but you are not.

You were made in God’s own image and you cannot shrug off that delightful burden.

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American History X

I don't know if I'd actually recommend the movie, "American History X" -- at least to anyone who can't handle large quantities of verbal obscenities and enough violence/sex in two or three scenes to give the entire film an iron-clad R rating. It is hard to watch. So hard, in fact, that I don't know how in the world I agreed to watch it a few years back. Some of it, I wish I could forget; but much of it, I'm glad I remember.

If you don't know anything about the film and plan to see it, then this paragraph might be a bit of a spoiler...

There is a profoundly powerful scene that doesn't need swelling music or tearful embraces to be unforgettable. It consists of a former skinhead, who's just been released from prison, and a younger brother, whom he is trying to "de-indoctrinate" of racist ideology. After sharing his life-changing and mind-changing experiences from the big house, the main character breaks through to his younger, idolizing brother. Without saying a word, the two of them proceed to slowly and methodically take down layers of racist propaganda tacked to the bedroom wall, including a giant Swastika flag.

When the wall is blank, big brother -- with his head now full of hair -- puts his arm around the brother with a shaved head. The two of them looking at that wall, with all that junk in piles on the floor, is a beautiful moment -- and not just cinematically. It's so satisfying and cathartic. If you are willing to sit through the ugliness, this moment is worth it.

I just wanted to share that little vignette. Redemption is always a good story.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

And in this corner

I have managed to compose something of actual substance on my blog, Lois E. Lane. I'm not sharing this information here because I think my writing is phenomenal. But it is a timely, important subject worth thinking about, and Girlfriday has good street cred that comes with her faithful readers. So by all means, if you have the time, check it out.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chuck Winder Opts Out of Mayoral Race

Which leaves one man to run against Dave Bieter.

This is discouraging on so many levels.

According to the Boise Weekly, "Winder...has a lot going on at his real estate business, but that the recent Democratic upsets in legislative seats also affected his decision.

'Boise's changed,' Winder said. 'The Democrats have done a good job here.'"

If he is referring to this year's legislative session, there is room for debate. If he is referring to our mayor, he is wrong.

If you are excessively bored, read an earlier post on Mayor Bieter. It's terribly direct. If you are looking for charity, skip it.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Mercies, New Every Morning

Scrolling through old emails, I find Mom's, with this prayer. Right when I needed it.

O Lord,
No day of my life has passed that has not proved me guilty in your sight.
Prayers have been uttered from a prayerless heart;
Praise has been often praiseless sound;
My best services are filthy rags.
Blessed Jesus, let me find a covert in your appeasing wounds.
Though my sins rise to heaven,
Your merits soar above them;

Though unrighteousness weighs me down to hell,
Your righteousness exalts me to your throne.

All things in me call for my rejection,
All things in you plead my acceptance.

I appeal from the throne of perfect justice to your throne of boundless grace,
Grant me to hear your voice assuring me:
That by your stripes I am healed,
That you were bruised for my iniquities,
That you have been made sin for me
That I might be righteous in you,
That my grievous sins, my manifold sins,
are all forgiven,
buried in the ocean of your concealing blood.

I am guilty, but pardoned,
Lost, but saved,
Wandering, but found,
Sinning, but cleansed.

Give me perpetual broken-heartedness,
Keep me always clinging to your cross.

Flood me every moment with descending grace,
Open to me the springs of divine knowledge,
sparkling like crystal,
flowing clear and unsullied
through my wilderness of life.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The End of One Thing, the Beginning of Another

Though I want to be posting about more important things, namely my reflections on marriage, tonight's powerful episode of House and the celebration of my 1 month anniversary, I choose the trivial instead.

Julie got me started.*

Disappointing teenage angst movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Satisfying teenage angst movie: Some Kind of Wonderful
Overlooked Tom Hanks film: Joe versus the Volcano
Overlooked Sylvester Stallone movie: Oscar
Overlooked Action Movie: Con Air

Anti-Commie Movie: The Hunt for Red October (Tied with Red Dawn)
Movie Where Famous Actor Breaks Into Song and it’s a Surprise but not a Disappointment : Moulin Rouge
Steve Zahn Movie: Happy, Texas
Gender-Bending Movie: Some Like it Hot
Movie for Watching with Expectations Created by False Marketing: The Upside of Anger
Superhero Movie: Batman and Spider-Man are tied. Forever
Movie that Launched the Best TV Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Kevin Costner Movie: Field of Dreams
Worst Superhero Movie: Supergirl

*She stole most of the good ones.

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