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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let's Dust Off the Mental Cobwebs

...and see if we can help a reader.

She writes:

Please list some short dumb games that a high school/college youth group would enjoy during stages of a progressive dinner. I can offer some fabulous prizes, at under $4 each. None of them see this blog, so I am hoping to look totally brilliant through your aid.

There is always the classic fallback: adhesive nametags of famous people/characters on everyone's back. They can only try to figure out who they are through yes or no questions. Something pop culture-ish would make it relevant (I think), but especially funny would be names of people the kids know.

Post your ideas!!!! We were teenagers once.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I think I have a problem.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

It was a Cowboy Summer

Fall has settled in for good, and judging by this past weekend winter is hard on her heels. But I am ever wistful for those warmer days, so I dug through my photos and found these pictures of what turned out to be a rather cowboy summer:

(For you Austin, Texans, take a close look at Wyatt's hand in the photo and quite givin' me flak about allegiance!)

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Beautiful dreams

My husband likes to accuse me of hating Peanuts (and apple pie, chevrolet and puppies) because I once said that the comic strip in the Sunday edition wasn't very funny. He forgets that I love the holiday specials and think the "early" Peanuts stuff was brilliant.

Last night, my busy little brain created an incredibly beautiful scenario. Some stranger was selling reams of antique wrapping paper (it was a dream, people). You should have seen this stuff. She wanted $250 for all of it, but would sell it in portions.

There was an especially memorable batch of Peanuts wrapping paper. Light and delicate, it felt like crepe. The background was blue and Lucy, with the blackest hair and the reddest hat you've ever seen, was on a swing. It was snowing.

I dreamt up a bunch of wrapping paper.

And it was about Peanuts.

Take that, husband.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sad, Sad Day

On December 11th, 2008 this show will air for one final time. I have been listening to this Dale and Jim Ed for 22 years. I am thankful to have been listening to The Morning Show online for the past year or so, otherwise their might have always been a quirky, Minnesota colloquial shaped hole in my heart. This show has kept me midwestern. I'm afraid of what kind of barbeque eating, southern talkin' two-steppin' southern girl I may become. I had better step up my Prairie Home Companion listening. God forbid that show go off the air. In the event that Garrison exits the airwaves, I might start wearing rhinestones or something else insane like that.
Farewell, Dale and Jim Ed. You will be missed.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

And So It Begins

President-elect Obama's transition chief said Sunday the incoming administration is looking to reverse President Bush's executive orders on stem cell research, oil and gas drilling and other matters.

Postscript: Just so we're clear: Bush used his executive power to achieve certain ends, and those ends are bad. President-Elect Obama will use the same power to achieve ends that he thinks are good, and that's good. So much for bipartisanship.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

And now for something completely different.

What are your thoughts on the new season of television?

Was girlfriday really void of a single post about the oh-so-annoying Kenley?

Where are they going with Jim and Pam? Will Dwight manage to stop the pending nuptials of Andy & Angela?

Have you seen Tina Fey ditch the Palin suits for her Liz Lemon sweats? And, oh, the celebrity guest stars this season!

Are you one of the lucky ones with Direct TV so you can watch the drama unfold in Dillon, Texas? I don't, but my friends do, so I'm all caught up. Be jealous.

Are you as nervous as I am every time Mark Schwann leaves a character alone in a dark room because of the show's propensity for killing off characters? (ok, I already know the answer to that question)

What other shows have caught your fancy this fall? I hear this show is NYPD Blue meets Back to the Future, but I have yet to catch an ep. However, I do love that they have brought one of my favorite Sopranos' actors back to life. I've had to leave Seattle Grace by the wayside. Mostly due to scheduling conflicts but partly for its ooey-gooey voice-overs. But I still like to keep up with it in the news.

What keeps you coming back week to week? Talk amongst yourselves.


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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Beautifully Said

And by a woman.

Elections are usually about ideas and principles. This one may have been about the cult of personality. But one bright spot cannot be denied. We now get to see what the Left truly believes in. For the last eight years, they have had someone else to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world. Come January, there will be no one to blame but themselves. A Democratic President and a Democratic Congress with very little power in the minority. It will be their ideas that govern. They'll be responsible if they fail to protect the American people, if they cannot spark the economy, if chaos ensues in Iraq. No more "Blame Bush," folks. We are going to see the Left unfiltered with no one else to blame.

Oh sure, they'll now shift the talk to what a horrible burden they have inherited, and how no one really can save us now. But America won't fall for that. The financial crisis may not have been Bush's fault in its entirety, but he had the mantle when it came. His party took the fall for it. It will be no different now for the Democratic Party. It will also help us to define what conservatism is really about. It is terrifying in substance, but it may give us a chance to restart the battle of ideas.

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I've decided that's my favorite pun on our new president elect's name. That or Barack the Vote. I can't decide.

I get why one might be wary of having to deal with Obamanites (oooooh, that's a good one, too!), but I think it's unfair to dismiss the glee that is sweeping our country today.

I wonder how you could watch last night's landslide and not feel excited that you're a part of a momentous time in our nation's history. I understand having trepidation about Obama, I really do. But dismissing the "wow factor" of this election because you don't like his policies is a disservice to where we've come as a country.

Less than 200 years ago whites owned blacks. And now we will have a black president.

In 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. And now we will have a black president.

Just over 40 years ago we had Jim Crow laws in place. And now we will have a black president.

Does Obama deserve to be President because of his race? Of course not. And it's not the reason I voted for him. But people should be gushing over this win. People should be excited that we've accomplished something many thought may never happen. In my opinion there has never been a more appropriate election for which tears of joy should be wept. I just don't think we can underestimate what it will mean to the psyche of our people to have a minority as our leader in the White House.

I am choosing to believe that Obama has the potential to bring this country together and reach across party lines. But as my brother pointed out to me last night, "It's time to hold his feet to the fire."


Side note: And now for my superficial moment of this post. What the $%*! was Michelle Obama wearing last night? Not flattering at all. Maybe she needs to start spending $400,000 on clothes.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thank You Mark Hemingway, Whoever You Are

For summing up my feeling about tonight's victory for Obama.

I can wrap my head around Obama as President just fine. What will be intolerable is the insane preening from his supporters.

[Specificaly citing Oprah who apparently said Obama's victory was "the most meaningful thing that has ever happened."]

This does too, from The Corner: "It’s kind of like being diagnosed with testicular cancer. You hope to live through the treatment, but you don’t look forward to what you’re about to lose."


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Why I Secretly Wish Obama Will Win

Constant, lame-ass attacks on the Bush administration are draining. Let's pick on the other guy's party for a while.

I don't want to hear any nutters whining about stealing an election.

I don't want to hear Hollywood elites piss and moan about all the out-of-touch voters living [in caves] in flyover country.

I want people to see how little CHANGE one man can affect in a short amount of time.

I want people to see how much DAMAGE one man and his party in Congress can inflict on a nation in four years.

I want people to remember that even if they've accepted Obama into their heart, he still can't save their soul.


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Today is the Day

I feel strangely about today's election. Usually I am an election day groupie, with the TV and radio on as long as possible.

Four years ago today I was on the phone flirting with my future husband, watching the results with Pops in the living room. Four years before that, after the big party, I ended up downstairs at our house on San Anita lying on the bed next to my youngest sister watching in disbelief as a bunch of incompetent voters in Florida threw our country into a tizzy.

But usually I am at the party. The election night party. In Idaho it's always fun because the good guys always win.

Tonight is a different story.

My husband wants to go to Appaloosa and break out the bottle of Glen Livet.


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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Case Against Barack Obama

Have you been enjoying the series of thoughtful, informative posts I promised?

I failed dismally. If I had to blame something, it would be the pregnancy. Who wants to blog when you could sleep? Or puke?

Now we are fewer than 48 hours from knowing who our next president will be.

Maybe I assumed that what was wrong with Barack Obama was obvious. Unless you're a hard-core lefty, he doesn't represent you. Start at the top of your list and work your way down. Universal health care. Abortion. Education. The War on Terror. Far from being the peaceful moderate he claims to be, he is an unabashed leftist. Not convinced? Read his platform.

I concede that this campaign season has been a bummer. In spite of the options I'm presented with, I won't be throwing away my vote.

John McCain is not my ideal candidate, but last week I heard the difference between him and Barack Obama summed up pretty nicely: "John McCain wants to change Washington. Barack Obama wants to change America."

I've seen a little bit of the world, and I still like America. I love the Constitution. For all its warts, American is still a brave, wonderful place, and we didn't get here by socializing medicine, redistributing wealth, or kowtowing to tyrants. We got here in spite of an ever-expanding government, Roe vs. Wade, and bad military intelligence.

Now we are poised to elect a man who wants to change America not by improving on what has made her great, but by abandoning those precious, fragile ideals that helped found and sustain her.

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