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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just as it Should Be

I love Independence Day. It's the apex of summer. All the flags are out, and so are the people and they are generally friendly; the air smells like hamburgers on the grill and fire works. It's almost magical.

Yesterday we had one of those rare holidays where everything was sunny and easy and lovely. I wasted most of the morning, then made a salad for a BBQ. We walked to our friends house, I in my new summer dress, and spent a couple hours eating and catching up.

I went home and collected the croquet set and we had a rousing game. (I came in third behind the two men who were playing.)

Fireworks are a must-have for me, so a few of us piled into the car and drove out to the nearest vendor. (In Boise there's one on every corner; you have to HUNT to find them around here.) I chose all the sentimental favorites: worms, smoke bombs, snappers, flowers, sparklers.

We started a fire and had s'mores while we swatted away the mosquitoes. After we set off our small stockpile of fire crackers, we drove out to the country and Curt set off the Big Ones. We oohed and ahhed, and I breathed it all in and wondered, How long will this unfettered peace, this almost boundless freedom last?

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